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kep Villa Annabella can be found int the most beautiful part of Siófok,ont he Golden Beach,only 80 m from the lake and the lido,which is free of charge.

Ont he groundfloor of the villa there is a big kitchen,a hall and a nice terrace.On the fir

and ont he second floor there are rooms and an exklusiv apartment.


In  the  immediate neighbourhood of the villa there is the Villa Violetta,which has also

exklusiv apartments.In the two villas we have received guests for a long time,we have many

regular guests.


In our nice restaurant int he Villa Violetta we can give breakfast to our guests.Each room has

a parkplace,which is free of charge.


Not far from the Villa Annabella there are many restaurants,shops,newstands,playgrounds

and a bakery. In 10 minutes you can get to the entertaining quarter of the city.The center of the city and the

railway-station aren’t too far away also:only in 18-20 minutes you can reach them.